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Our Parent & Child Program


Is a 45 minute program for young children (12 to 36 months) and their (Mommy, Daddy, grandparent, babysitter or loved one)  

Classes meet once a week, during the week and Saturdays.

You can register for one 9 week session, two 9 week sessions or for the whole school year September to June.

You will always be invited to visit one free demo class.

You can register anytime of the year.

Classes will be prorated.

You will have fun, and build meaningful and memorable experiences with your child.

Schedule of Classes

12-24 Months will meet on:

Saturday 9:30 to 10:15 AM

24-36 Months will meet on:

Thursday from 2:45-3:30 PM 

Our Class

We find that parents that show interest in learning with their children are the most successful at planting the seed of bilingualism in their children. You are your child’s biggest inspiration and they will only learn from what you appreciate and value. 

This is a 45 minute multi sensory program for children 12 to 36 months of age, where parent/caregiver interacts with child in class, as the teacher models the activity, you will play, sing, dance and practice the vocabulary related to the topic with your child.

You will receive Spanish Materials – Book bag –Binder with vocabulary words, a book of songs used during the 4 sessions of the year. 4 CD’s and 4 DVD’s

We are delighted to have visitors, friends, grandparents... Please arrange it with your teacher, as space is limited…But they have to be willing to participate in class!

In order to maximize your time with class, please keep in mind:

  • Be on time- as children get distracted when there are many interruptions.
  • One adult per child required.
  • Dress in comfortable shoes and clothing
  • During class, set cell phones to vibrate.

At Spanish All year, we believe that

"Parents who understand how languages work, have children who are very successful with languages"

Tuition for Our Parent and Child Program 2019-2020

Compare the our service packages and find the best fit for you.

Registration $75

Four payments a year

Session 1- Sept 5-Nov 2, 2019

Session 2 -Nov 4 -Jan 25, 2020

Session 3- Jan 27 - April 4, 2020

Session 4- Apr 6 -June 13, 2020




Registration $75

Two payments a year

Session 1&2- Sept 5-Jan 27

Session 3&4 -Jan 29-June 16


Independent me

3 yrs -Saturday 

4 yrs -Saturday

5 yrs - Saturday

       8:30 to 10:15       

Registration $75


     $395 (4 payments)      $755 (2 payments)       $1450 (1 payment)

Thank you for trusting us with your child

Spanish Mommy and me

Spanish for babies

Spanish Classes fro Children on Long Island


Registration $75

One payments a year

at the moment of registration

September 5 - June 16