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Re-opening plan

face to face 


Online Classes available

Dear Parents Welcome to our 2020 - 2021 school year!!!

We want to communicate what chapter two- of this pandemic will look like, after many days of planning and following all the guidelines of NY State.

This is our plan for re-opening:

• Our first day of school will be, Tuesday, September 8th, 2020

• We will offer a blended model – face to face and online classes.

• Our classroom sizes will be reduced.

• We will allow only 21 children in the building at the time.

• We will disinfect hands and shoes entering our building.

• Hand-washing record keeping: entering the building, coming back inside from the playground, before snack and lunch, and before going home.

• We will review in class Hygiene Habits:

Handwashing procedures (20 seconds)

Coughing /sneezing into your arm

Not touching face (eyes, nose, mouth

• We will take temperatures and do health checks outside before entering our building.

• Adults and/or children will not be admitted if temperature over 100 or any signs of illness.

• Temperature over 100 during the day will require:

*Isolation in a separate room designated for this purpose

*Mask & face shield

*Emergency contact for immediate pickup

*Covid-19 testing

*If Covid-19 negative, may not return until 24 hours fever free

*We will support local health departments in contact tracing efforts using the protocols training, and tools provided through the New York State Contact Tracing Program

• No parents or non-essential visitors allow in the building when children are present.

• All school items will need to go home daily to be disinfected.

• No toys or non-essential items will be allowed in school.

• Homework will be check once a month.

As a school:

• We had UV light sanitizers installed in ducts where our air and heat circulate in our school.

• We installed clear dividers in our classes in order to create a layer of safety without taking away the children’s interaction.

• Our school will be disinfected twice a day with bleach – bathrooms- doorknobs, toys, tables, light switches & telephones.

• We have done all the training to prepare our school for reopening, keep the essence of school alive and make sure we are part of the eradication of this virus.

• We have put a protocol in place to make sure we are all safe and protected

• We will wear PPE at all times during the interaction with our children.

• We have created all the alternatives of schedules to make this year safe and fun for all.

• We decided that cooking is not a safe activity to do face to face and decide to keep it online only in all programs.

• We have created a robust online presence that uses Zoom plus all the necessary supplies to complete, and we are ready to go fully online in the case of a new emergency.

We know that this is going to be a difficult year, but we know that it requires a community effort to get through it. We know for sure that it takes a village.

With love and respect,

All the Teachers as Spanish All Year

Spanish Classes for children on Long Island, NY

Parent & Child Program for 1 ​-2 Yrs

Our Spanish Mommy or Daddy and Me is a 45 minute program, where parents or caregivers come with the child to listen to Spanish, follow directions to read a story, sing, dance and complete a project together.

Spanish Preschool for 3-5 Yrs

Our Spanish Preschool Program is a 5 day, 

3 day, 2 day, half day, or full day, Spanish Full Immersion Program designed to promote Early learning skills.  Our day is filled with all the activities you would expect in any preschool program and more.

Spanish Cultural program for 5-11 Yrs

Our Spanish Cultural After School Program is a full immersion program that meets on Friday after school or on Saturday Morning  designed to promote listening, speaking reading and writing while they do the Art, Cooking, Dance and Literature of twenty Spanish Speaking Countries.

Spanish Summer Program for All Ages

Our Spanish Summer  Full Immersion program, is a seven week, five days a week, half days, or full days for all ages. The program is designed to take advantage of the gift of time during the summer to create a fun and full day of activities completely immersed in Spanish.  

What our parents are saying

The children are free to explore at school, guided by teachers who understand early childhood education and really take the time to listen to and talk with each child. As a result, the children are developing not only their Spanish language abilities, but building meaningful relationships with their teachers and each other. We feel so fortunate to have found this school! As a mom, former bilingual teacher and now professor of bilingual education, I cannot recommend SAY highly enough. 

Anissa Wicktor Lynch ·